Project Management

The effective administration of a project is essential to meeting a customer’s expectations. It is to this end that our project management team strives.

Our managers work collaboratively with stakeholders to move orders through the project review stages and on to production. They take a proactive approach to order management, developing schedules that account for all phases of order execution to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of specified products. Additionally, our project managers work with customers to incorporate changes that may arise before products are delivered. It is because of this team’s efforts that our company has been able to maintain an unblemished record of on-time deliveries and turnovers.

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At TJ Distributors we understand that there are sometimes tight timeframes to refurbish or build a gymnasium. It may be necessary to wait until the school year ends to begin a project. However, the deadline to complete the project may be the beginning of the next school year. It takes an experienced project manager to piece together the timeline and resources needed to complete successful projects. TJ’s project managers can assist in reviewing the size of the gym spectator seating needed and the placement of the seating.

When the seating, scoreboards, or other gym mainstays are ordered, we will make sure that the products are delivered in a timely manner. We also understand that plans and strategy may change, and we will make certain that the project is able to pivot and become the manifestation of the new vision. Our project managers can work with any number of architects, designers, and contractors to cohesively blend all services and timing. TJ Distributors knows that staying under budget is sometimes absolutely vital. Cost overruns are not a good thing in most cases. We will help you navigate this and other challenges, and we will take responsibilities off your hands.

Certain spaces need much more attention to durability and revenue maximization and efficiency. College campuses and private high schools are examples of this. Educational environments need seating that can withstand rough treatment. Additionally, some of these venues are charging admission and charging for concessions. Our project managers can help guide last minute decisions that will benefit the space.

Developing schedules is integral to a good project management structure. Everyone needs to be on the same page as far as when certain tasks will be completed and what next steps are at each stage. When you have many cooks in the kitchen, you need a conductor to tie it all together.

TJ Distributors has a long record and reputation of always having on-time deliveries and turnovers. We know that a lot of factors can lead to delays in a project, and we don’t want to be one of them. On the contrary, we will make sense of everything through our confident and easy to work with PMs. Your project is always the most important project we’ve worked on. We always stand behind our quality project management work at TJ Distributors.


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