TJ Distributors’ school auditorium and performing arts seating always makes the grade in demanding educational environments. We work with your standards, regulations, and tight budgets to ensure your investments stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. Designed, engineered and manufactured to be stylish, safe, rugged and comfortable, our wide range of auditorium seating solutions can be customized for the sightlines of your event center or the seating plan of your auditorium by TJ Distributors’ expert.
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carnegie hall

Carnegie Hall is an impeccable dream-like example of an auditorium. Bursting with golden hues, red plush seating, and bright lights, the three separate concert halls are works of art. Designed by Tuthill and opened in 1891, Carnegie Hall has hosted the greatest musicians and showmen of many eras. Tuthill was both a musician and an architect, which allowed him to create acoustical excellence.

At the Royal Albert Hall in London, circular seating allows many to have an equidistant view of the musicians and performers. Royal Albert Hall, like Carnegie Hall, is a prestigious and internationally renowned auditorium. But it shows the flexibility and creativity that is needed to provide a great user experience when constructing these venues.

Sometimes with less space, it is even more necessary to be creative in outlining space and how it will be used. TJ Distributors is very proud of the project completed at Havre de Grace High School in Maryland. They installed 934 of the remarkably durable Quattro fixed seats developed by Hussey for auditorium or theater seating. This was virtually one seat for each student at the school. These Quattro seats come in many designs, features, and back options. The immaculate auditorium completed by TJ Distributors was constructed on multiple levels (lower deck, upper deck) and included balcony areas. It was a well-deserved gem enjoyed by Warrior students for events ranging from concerts to awards ceremonies to musicals.

Something along the lines of the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia would be an ideal project for TJ Distributors. Renovating old spaces with new seating, better design, and more accessibility is a prime example of how TJ Distributors can help. The Walnut Street is the oldest continuously active theater in the United States. Many auditoriums and theaters were built decades ago and have seating that is frayed or deteriorating. Many also have seating that is too small or too close together. This not only leads to discomfort but is almost certainly not conducive to ADA compliance or general accessibility that today’s public is accustomed to.

Schools and universities are entities that are just one of TJ Distributors’ specialties. These institutions have shown a commitment to the arts and extracurricular activities in recent decades. School systems no longer ignore the needs for venues to celebrate and practice the arts, music, and school celebrations. TJ Distributors have designed and developed auditoriums and theaters in schools in almost every county across Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. With budget surpluses or planned improvements in high schools and school systems in general at an all-time high, TJ is the experienced leader in the Mid-Atlantic. Colleges and universities are using beautiful and functional buildings as recruiting fodder. It is very competitive among institutions of higher learning, targeting the same groups of students, and having a spectacular auditorium or theater may be the differentiator.

Hussey seating is the premier auditorium seating in the world, and TJ takes advantage of its partnership with them to provide the highest quality standards. Whether outfitting Carnegie Hall, the Walnut Street Theater, or Havre de Grace High School, trust TJ Distributors with your design and development needs.

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