Design and Sales

Understanding the factors that affect product selection is what makes our sales staff effective. Whether it be budget constraints, regulatory concerns, revenue creation, or space utilization our sales team works with customers to identify and design product solutions that meet the most complex demands.

Our sales personnel work with end-users, architects, interior designers, and contractors to plan efficient and code compliant educational, athletic, and spectator spaces. We engage with customers to learn their decision drivers and then use the latest drafting and modeling software to develop plans and specifications that can be coordinated with other trade work and building infrastructure.

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Budget constraints can be a consideration for any type of business or organization. When the Covid-19 pandemic was at its height, many companies and institutions were shuttered and unable to conduct any business at all. Some took years or are even still trying to right the ship concerning revenue and income. Additionally, supply chain and shipping delays and costs were turbulent to say the least. TJ Distributors understands this, and we are able to structure solutions within the confines of budgets.

Anyone who has been involved in a civic or community-based project understands that it can be a complex process based on multiple groups of decision makers. TJ Distributors will assist you in navigating the proper regulatory structure. Whether it is a fire code that needs to be adhered to or a building that is on state property and has restrictions on use, TJ has experience shaping all types of projects.

Revenue creation is obviously at or near the top of every company and every non-profit’s list. TJ Distributors will not only customize the best design to maximize revenue creation but can help to cut costs and retain customers as well. By providing comfortable seating and designs that spectator enjoy, TJ will have patrons coming back to the venue again and again. Also, TJ Distributors provides many seating products that are the most defiant against spills from concessions. The durability of the seating is priceless because it can last for decades. Easier spill maintenance and less need for replacement can be major cost reductions for a company.

Space utilization is also an emphasis for TJ. We will maximize efficiency according to your plans and strategy, again using the latest drafting and modeling software.

This efficient utilization is important in certain settings, in order to maximize revenue. If an arena can fit a few more seats into a certain area, while maintaining safety standards and a high level of comfort, they may generate additional revenue. We have decades of experience working with architects, contractors, and other designers to see the vision through and create cohesion with the project. Our team can help you carve out the specifics as well. You will need more seating for a competition gym than for a gym that is only for school education or activities. Is there enough storage in the plans? Restrooms, accessibility, even lighting and offices need to be considered.


What We Do For You

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Project Management

Our managers work collaboratively with stakeholders to move orders through the project review stages and on to production.
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A proper and complete installation is paramount to closing a project on time. TJ Distributors is uniquely positioned to provide installation services.
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Maintenance, Inspection & Repairs

We employ skilled mechanics that have expertise in assessing and repairing athletic equipment and seating systems.
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