A proper and complete installation is paramount to closing a project on time. It is also fundamental to maintaining customer satisfaction. TJ Distributors is uniquely positioned to provide installation services because we directly employ a staff of technicians, each of whom is factory-trained and certified to install athletic equipment and seating systems. Each technician is OSHA certified and participates in continuing education to maintain their installation credentials.

Our company does not utilize subcontractors. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and provides us with a measure of flexibility when responding to changes in project conditions. Our responsiveness to customers is unparalleled.

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The proper and complete installation is also vital to safety. Our certified technicians uphold the highest safety standards, which is the most essential aspect of any project. It is a remarkable advantage for TJ Distributors to retain our own expert installation technicians. They have experience, drive, and pay immaculate attention to detail. When you are possibly dealing with thousands of patrons or fans in a venue, it is great to trust a company who has an unblemished safety record.

The duration of the project is of course determined by many factors, not the least of which is size of the construction. TJ Distributors makes sure their installers and customers are always on the same page, and that projects are completed on time and at the expected budget.

Our top-class installation technicians take their skills attained in their rigorous training, certifications, and continued education and apply them on each and every job. With TJ Distributors having their own staff of technicians and not using sub-contractors, scheduling is much easier. There are generally way less surprises and there is exceptional predictability.

TJ Distributors has experts that can install fixed seating, portable seating, bench seating padded or un-padded, sideline seating, ADA seating, and much, much more. The installation technicians have created beautiful amphitheaters, gymnasiums, lecture halls, arenas, auditoriums and numerous other structures and venues. TJ has provided work for the Philadelphia 76ers practice facility, plus dozens of colleges, universities, and major high schools. Serving Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia, as well as Washington, D.C., TJ Distributors is the leading provider of sales AND installation services in the DMV, so why not be consistent and have everything done by the same provider.

We install the highest quality products from Hussey Seating Company for seating, Daktronics for scoreboards, and PSS Performance Sports for gym dividers, baskets and backboards, and other athletic equipment.

For seating, TJ Distributors is the exclusive distributor of fixed and telescopic seating for Hussey in the region. Hussey manufactures the famed Maxam series. Maxam is an extraordinary product, whether the end user wants fixed telescopic bleachers or a telescopic platform. TJ Distributors has the installation technicians that know these products, and work with flawless momentum to complete the project. Their experience is impeccable. These technicians have completed all jobs, whether the project calls for beam-mounted bleachers, portable seating, recessed seating, or any other type of gymnasium or arena seating.


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Understanding the factors that affect product selection is what makes our sales staff effective.
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Project Management

Our managers work collaboratively with stakeholders to move orders through the project review stages and on to production.
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Maintenance, Inspection & Repairs

We employ skilled mechanics that have expertise in assessing and repairing athletic equipment and seating systems.
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