Arena seating, whether fixed, retractable, portable or a combination of each, needs to stand up to event audiences and the daily wear of reconfiguring a busy professional arena. Designed, engineered and manufactured to be stylish, safe, rugged and comfortable, our wide range of arena seating solutions can be customized for the sightlines of your event center or the seating plan of your arena by TJ Distributors’ expert.
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Arenas can technically be considered outdoor or indoor venues used for housing sporting events, concerts, shows, a circus, fairs, and conventions, among other large gatherings. For the sake of this conversation, we’ll focus on the indoor variety. There are many extremely famous arenas in the world. Madison Square Garden is so iconic, it is nicknamed “The Mecca of Basketball”. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it seems like it would be very difficult fighting traffic and congestion to get there. However, Penn Station, equally as iconic as MSG, is located just below the arena. Penn Station is the busiest transportation hub in the western hemisphere, so there are no shortage of trains and other modes of transportation in which one can travel to get to the game. The Garden holds 19,500 spectators and is home to the NBA’s New York Knicks and NHL’s New York Rangers in addition to other pro and college teams. At TJ Distributors, we have helped to create memorable and profitable arenas, working with products such as Hussey Seating, Daktronics, and Performance Sports Systems (PSS). The Catholic University of America, or Catholic University, located in Washington, D.C., has an extraordinary arena, thanks in part to TJ Distributors. The immaculate, spacious, and inviting venue boasts a 24-foot video platform, two extensive banks of the renowned Hussey Maxam+ telescoping bleachers, and a beautifully crafted arena floor sporting the logo and name of the of the former Division 3 men basketball national champion Cardinals. The auto folding Metro chairs come with cupholders. TJ Distributors also provided graphic logo vinyl end curtains. The company is extremely proud of this impressive project.

There are arenas that aren’t similar to either the behemoth, industry giant MSG or the quaint, yet vibrant DuFour Center at Catholic University. The Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Maryland is an interesting venue. The grounds have been used for horse racing since the 1950’s. National equestrian events frequently take place at Show Place Arena, within the Equestrian Center compound. This versatile location can also be converted into a vibrant center for graduations, consumer shows, and trade conventions. The Arena has even hosted the Patriot League Men’s Division I college basketball tournament. These are all unique setups when it comes to seating and accessibility. This arena is right in the wheelhouse for TJ Distributors. Providing flexibility, safety, reliability, and completing projects on time, TJ has helped to construct the interior of many buildings similar to this size.

Other types of specialty arenas require innovative seating arrangements in order to have a free flow of spectators through entrances and exits, and in some cases, to maximize viewing sightlines. One unique example is the Caesars Palace boxing arena in Las Vegas. One challenge is that the focal surface for the spectators is about as small as it gets. A boxing ring is actually a square and is only 24 feet by 24 feet. In a venue packing in thousands of fans, the seating has to be coordinated very efficiently so that everyone can see the action. TJ Distributors has immense experience in organizing and planning seating in arenas that are unusual or particular to certain limitations.

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